Package org.springframework.batch.item.file.transform

Infrastructure implementations of io file support transform concerns.


Interface Summary
FieldExtractor<T> This class will convert an object to an array of its parts.
FieldSet Interface used by flat file input sources to encapsulate concerns of converting an array of Strings to Java native types.
FieldSetFactory Factory interface for creating FieldSet instances.
LineAggregator<T> Interface used to create string representing object.
LineTokenizer Interface that is used by framework to split string obtained typically from a file into tokens.

Class Summary
AbstractLineTokenizer Abstract class handling common concerns of various LineTokenizer implementations such as dealing with names and actual construction of FieldSet
BeanWrapperFieldExtractor<T> This is a field extractor for a java bean.
DefaultFieldSet Default implementation of FieldSet using Java using Java primitive and standard types and utilities.
DefaultFieldSetFactory Default implementation of FieldSetFactory with no special knowledge of the FieldSet required.
DelimitedLineAggregator<T> A LineAggregator implementation that converts an object into a delimited list of strings.
DelimitedLineTokenizer A LineTokenizer implementation that splits the input String on a configurable delimiter.
ExtractorLineAggregator<T> An abstract LineAggregator implementation that utilizes a FieldExtractor to convert the incoming object to an array of its parts.
FixedLengthTokenizer Tokenizer used to process data obtained from files with fixed-length format.
FormatterLineAggregator<T> A LineAggregator implementation which produces a String by aggregating the provided item via the Formatter syntax.
PassThroughFieldExtractor<T> FieldExtractor that just returns the original item.
PassThroughLineAggregator<T> A LineAggregator implementation that simply calls Object.toString() on the given object
PatternMatchingCompositeLineTokenizer A LineTokenizer implementation that stores a mapping of String patterns to delegate LineTokenizers.
Range A class to represent ranges.
RangeArrayPropertyEditor Property editor implementation which parses string and creates array of ranges.
RecursiveCollectionLineAggregator<T> An implementation of LineAggregator that concatenates a collection of items of a common type with the system line separator.
RegexLineTokenizer Line-tokenizer using a regular expression to filter out data (by using matching and non-matching groups).

Exception Summary
FlatFileFormatException Exception indicating that some type of error has occured while attempting to parse a line of input into tokens.
IncorrectLineLengthException Exception indicating that the line size expected is different from what is expected.
IncorrectTokenCountException Exception indicating that an incorrect number of tokens have been found while parsing a file.

Package org.springframework.batch.item.file.transform Description

Infrastructure implementations of io file support transform concerns.

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