Interface Job

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractJob, FlowJob, GroupAwareJob, SimpleJob

public interface Job
Batch domain object representing a job. Job is an explicit abstraction representing the configuration of a job specified by a developer. Note that the restart policy is applied to the job as a whole and not to a step.
Dave Syer, Mahmoud Ben Hassine
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
    • isRestartable

      default boolean isRestartable()
      Flag to indicate if this job can be restarted, at least in principle.
      true if this job can be restarted after a failure. Defaults to true.
    • execute

      void execute(JobExecution execution)
      Run the JobExecution and update the meta information, such as status and statistics, as necessary. This method should not throw any exceptions for failed execution. Clients should be careful to inspect the JobExecution status to determine success or failure.
      execution - a JobExecution
    • getJobParametersIncrementer

      @Nullable default JobParametersIncrementer getJobParametersIncrementer()
      If clients need to generate new parameters for the next execution in a sequence, they can use this incrementer. The return value may be null, when this job does not have a natural sequence.
      an incrementer to be used for creating new parameters. Defaults to null.
    • getJobParametersValidator

      default JobParametersValidator getJobParametersValidator()
      A validator for the job parameters of a JobExecution. Clients of a Job may need to validate the parameters for a launch or before or during the execution.
      a validator that can be used to check parameter values (never null). Defaults to DefaultJobParametersValidator.