Class ItemReaderAdapter<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
ItemReader<T>, org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean

public class ItemReaderAdapter<T> extends AbstractMethodInvokingDelegator<T> implements ItemReader<T>
Invokes a custom method on a delegate plain old Java object which itself provides an item.

This adapter is thread-safe as long as the delegate ItemReader is thread-safe.

Robert Kasanicky
  • Constructor Details

    • ItemReaderAdapter

      public ItemReaderAdapter()
  • Method Details

    • read

      @Nullable public T read() throws Exception
      Description copied from interface: ItemReader
      Reads a piece of input data and advance to the next one. Implementations must return null at the end of the input data set. In a transactional setting, caller might get the same item twice from successive calls (or otherwise), if the first call was in a transaction that rolled back.
      Specified by:
      read in interface ItemReader<T>
      return value of the target method.
      ParseException - if there is a problem parsing the current record (but the next one may still be valid)
      NonTransientResourceException - if there is a fatal exception in the underlying resource. After throwing this exception implementations should endeavour to return null from subsequent calls to read.
      UnexpectedInputException - if there is an uncategorised problem with the input data. Assume potentially transient, so subsequent calls to read might succeed.
      Exception - if an there is a non-specific error.