Class PassThroughFieldExtractor<T>

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public class PassThroughFieldExtractor<T> extends Object implements FieldExtractor<T>
FieldExtractor that just returns the original item. If the item is an array or collection it will be returned as is, otherwise it is wrapped in a single element array.
Dave Syer
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    • PassThroughFieldExtractor

      public PassThroughFieldExtractor()
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    • extract

      public Object[] extract(T item)
      Get an array of fields as close as possible to the input. The result depends on the type of the input:
      • A FieldSet or array will be returned as is
      • For a Collection the toArray() method will be used
      • For a Map the values() will be returned as an array
      • Otherwise it is wrapped in a single element array.
      Note that no attempt is made to sort the values, so passing in an unordered collection or map is probably a bad idea. Spring often gives you an ordered Map (e.g. if extracting data from a generic query using JDBC), so check the documentation for whatever is being used to generate the input.
      Specified by:
      extract in interface FieldExtractor<T>
      item - the object to convert
      an array of objects as close as possible to the original item