Class PatternMatcher<S>


public class PatternMatcher<S> extends Object
Dave Syer, Dan Garrette, Marten Deinum
  • Constructor Details

    • PatternMatcher

      public PatternMatcher(Map<String,S> map)
      Initialize a new PatternMatcher with a map of patterns to values
      map - a map from String patterns to values
  • Method Details

    • match

      public static boolean match(String pattern, String str)
      Lifted from AntPathMatcher in Spring Core. Tests whether or not a string matches against a pattern. The pattern may contain two special characters:
      '*' means zero or more characters
      '?' means one and only one character
      pattern - pattern to match against. Must not be null.
      str - string which must be matched against the pattern. Must not be null.
      true if the string matches against the pattern, or false otherwise.
    • match

      public S match(String line)

      This method takes a String key and a map from Strings to values of any type. During processing, the method will identify the most specific key in the map that matches the line. Once the correct is identified, its value is returned. Note that if the map contains the wildcard string "*" as a key, then it will serve as the "default" case, matching every line that does not match anything else.

      If no matching prefix is found, a IllegalStateException will be thrown.

      Null keys are not allowed in the map.

      line - An input string
      the value whose prefix matches the given line