Class ConfigurationPropertiesBean


public final class ConfigurationPropertiesBean extends Object
Provides access to @ConfigurationProperties bean details, regardless of if the annotation was used directly or on a @Bean factory method. This class can be used to access all configuration properties beans in an ApplicationContext, or individual beans on a case-by-case basis (for example, in a BeanPostProcessor).
Phillip Webb
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  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      Return the name of the Spring bean.
      the bean name
    • getInstance

      public Object getInstance()
      Return the actual Spring bean instance.
      the bean instance
    • getAnnotation

      public ConfigurationProperties getAnnotation()
      Return the ConfigurationProperties annotation for the bean. The annotation may be defined on the bean itself or from the factory method that create the bean (usually a @Bean method).
      the configuration properties annotation
    • asBindTarget

      public Bindable<?> asBindTarget()
      Return a Bindable instance suitable that can be used as a target for the Binder.
      a bind target for use with the Binder
    • getAll

      public static Map<String,ConfigurationPropertiesBean> getAll(ApplicationContext applicationContext)
      Return all @ConfigurationProperties beans contained in the given application context. Both directly annotated beans, as well as beans that have @ConfigurationProperties annotated factory methods are included.
      applicationContext - the source application context
      a map of all configuration properties beans keyed by the bean name
    • get

      public static ConfigurationPropertiesBean get(ApplicationContext applicationContext, Object bean, String beanName)
      Return a @ConfigurationPropertiesBean instance for the given bean details or null if the bean is not a @ConfigurationProperties object. Annotations are considered both on the bean itself, as well as any factory method (for example a @Bean method).
      applicationContext - the source application context
      bean - the bean to consider
      beanName - the bean name
      a configuration properties bean or null if the neither the bean nor factory method are annotated with @ConfigurationProperties