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include(String...) - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.LayeredSpec.IntoLayerSpec
Adds patterns that control the content that is included in the layer.
intoLayer(String) - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.LayeredSpec.IntoLayersSpec
intoLayer(String, Closure<?>) - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.LayeredSpec.IntoLayersSpec
intoLayer(String, Action<LayeredSpec.IntoLayerSpec>) - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.LayeredSpec.IntoLayersSpec
IntoLayerSpec(String) - Constructor for class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.LayeredSpec.IntoLayerSpec
Creates a new IntoLayerSpec that will control the content of the given layer.
isCleanCache() - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootBuildImage
Returns whether caches should be cleaned before packaging.
isExcludeDevtools() - Method in interface org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootArchive
since 2.3.0 for removal in 2.5.0 in favor of configuring a classpath that does not include development-only dependencies
isExcludeDevtools() - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootJar
isExcludeDevtools() - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootWar
isIncludeLayerTools() - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.LayeredSpec
Returns whether the layer tools should be included as a dependency in the layered jar.
isLibrary(FileCopyDetails) - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootJar
Return if the FileCopyDetails are for a library.
isLibrary(FileCopyDetails) - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootWar
Return if the FileCopyDetails are for a library.
isOptimizedLaunch() - Method in class
Returns true if the JVM's launch should be optimized, otherwise false.
isVerboseLogging() - Method in class org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootBuildImage
Whether verbose logging should be enabled while building the image.
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