Class TestRestTemplate


public class TestRestTemplate extends Object
Convenient alternative of RestTemplate that is suitable for integration tests. TestRestTemplate is fault-tolerant. This means that 4xx and 5xx do not result in an exception being thrown and can instead be detected through the response entity and its status code.

A TestRestTemplate can optionally carry Basic authentication headers. If Apache Http Client 4.3.2 or better is available (recommended) it will be used as the client, and by default configured to ignore cookies and redirects.

Note: To prevent injection problems this class intentionally does not extend RestTemplate. If you need access to the underlying RestTemplate use getRestTemplate().

If you are using the @SpringBootTest annotation with an embedded server, a TestRestTemplate is automatically available and can be @Autowired into your test. If you need customizations (for example to adding additional message converters) use a RestTemplateBuilder @Bean.

Dave Syer, Phillip Webb, Andy Wilkinson, Kristine Jetzke, Dmytro Nosan