22. Creating custom applications

While there are out of the box source, processor, sink applications available, one can extend these applications or write a custom Spring Cloud Stream application.

The process of creating Spring Cloud Stream applications via Spring Initializr is detailed in the Spring Cloud Stream documentation. It is possible to include multiple binders to an application. If doing so, refer the instructions in Section 23.2.4, “Passing Spring Cloud Stream properties for the application” on how to configure them.

For supporting property whitelisting, Spring Cloud Stream applications running in Spring Cloud Data Flow may include the Spring Boot configuration-processor as an optional dependency, as in the following example.

  <!-- other dependencies -->

Make sure that the spring-boot-maven-plugin is included in the POM. The plugin is necesary for creating the executable jar that will be registered with Spring Cloud Data Flow. Spring Initialzr will include the plugin in the generated POM.

Once a custom application has been created, it can be registered as described in ???.