Spring Cloud Task Reference Guide

Michael Minella, Glenn Renfro, Jay Bryant


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Table of Contents

I. Preface
1. About the documentation
2. Getting help
3. First Steps
II. Getting started
4. Introducing Spring Cloud Task
5. System Requirements
5.1. Database Requirements
6. Developing Your First Spring Cloud Task Application
6.1. Creating the Spring Task Project using Spring Initializr
6.2. Writing the Code
6.2.1. Task Auto Configuration
6.2.2. The main method
6.2.3. The CommandLineRunner
6.3. Running the Example
III. Features
7. The lifecycle of a Spring Cloud Task
7.1. The TaskExecution
7.2. Mapping Exit Codes
8. Configuration
8.1. DataSource
8.2. Table Prefix
8.3. Enable/Disable table initialization
8.4. Externally Generated Task ID
8.5. External Task Id
8.6. Parent Task Id
8.7. TaskConfigurer
8.8. Task Name
8.9. Task Execution Listener
8.9.1. Exceptions Thrown by Task Execution Listener
8.9.2. Exit Messages
8.10. Restricting Spring Cloud Task Instances
8.11. Disabling Spring Cloud Task Auto Configuration
IV. Batch
9. Associating a Job Execution to the Task in which It Was Executed
9.1. Overriding the TaskBatchExecutionListener
10. Remote Partitioning
10.1. Notes on Developing a Batch-partitioned application for the Kubernetes Platform
10.2. Notes on Developing a Batch-partitioned Application for the Cloud Foundry Platform
11. Batch Informational Messages
12. Batch Job Exit Codes
V. Spring Cloud Stream Integration
13. Launching a Task from a Spring Cloud Stream
13.1. Spring Cloud Data Flow
14. Spring Cloud Task Events
14.1. Disabling Specific Task Events
15. Spring Batch Events
15.1. Sending Batch Events to Different Channels
15.2. Disabling Batch Events
15.3. Emit Order for Batch Events
VI. Appendices
16. Task Repository Schema
17. Building This Documentation
18. Running a Task App on Cloud Foundry