Class KeyspaceOptionsSpecification<T extends KeyspaceOptionsSpecification<T>>

Type Parameters:
T - the subtype of the KeyspaceOptionsSpecification.
Direct Known Subclasses:
AlterKeyspaceSpecification, CreateKeyspaceSpecification

public abstract class KeyspaceOptionsSpecification<T extends KeyspaceOptionsSpecification<T>> extends KeyspaceActionSpecification
Abstract builder class to support the construction of table specifications that have table options, that is, those options normally specified by WITH ... AND ....

It is important to note that although this class depends on KeyspaceOption for convenient and typesafe use, it ultimately stores its options in a Map<String,Object> for flexibility. This means that with(KeyspaceOption) and with(KeyspaceOption, Object) delegate to with(String, Object, boolean, boolean). This design allows the API to support new Cassandra options as they are introduced without having to update the code immediately.

John McPeek
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    • KeyspaceOptionsSpecification

      protected KeyspaceOptionsSpecification(com.datastax.oss.driver.api.core.CqlIdentifier name)
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