Interface ExecutableSelectOperation

All Known Subinterfaces:
CassandraAdminOperations, CassandraOperations, FluentCassandraOperations
All Known Implementing Classes:
CassandraAdminTemplate, CassandraTemplate

public interface ExecutableSelectOperation
The ExecutableSelectOperation interface allows creation and execution of Cassandra SELECT operations in a fluent API style.

The starting domainType is used for mapping the Query provided via matching into the Cassandra-specific representation. By default, the originating domainType is also used for mapping back the result from the Row. However, it is possible to define an different returnType via as for mapping the result.

By default, the table to operate on is derived from the initial domainType and can be defined there with the Table annotation as well. Using inTable allows a user to override the table name for the execution.

Mark Paluch, John Blum
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