Interface ReactiveCassandraBatchOperations

public interface ReactiveCassandraBatchOperations
Reactive Batch operations for insert/update/delete actions on a table. ReactiveCassandraBatchOperations use logged Cassandra BATCHes for single entities and collections of entities. A ReactiveCassandraBatchOperations instance cannot be modified/used once it was executed.

Batches are atomic by default. In the context of a Cassandra batch operation, atomic means that if any of the batch succeeds, all of it will. Statement order does not matter within a batch. ReactiveCassandraBatchOperations applies all rows using the same timestamp if supplied, otherwise Cassandra will generate a timestamp.

Multi partition batches should only be used to achieve atomicity for a few writes on different tables. Apart from this they should be avoided because they’re too expensive. Single partition batches can be used to get atomicity and isolation, they're not much more expensive than normal writes.

Oleh Dokuka, Mark Paluch