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Packages that use TypeInformationMapper
org.springframework.data.convert General purpose conversion framework to read objects from a data store abstraction and write it back. 

Uses of TypeInformationMapper in org.springframework.data.convert

Classes in org.springframework.data.convert that implement TypeInformationMapper
 class ConfigurableTypeInformationMapper
          TypeInformationMapper implementation that can be either set up using a MappingContext or manually set up Map of String aliases to types.
 class SimpleTypeInformationMapper
          Basic TypeInformationMapper implementation that interprets the alias handles as fully qualified class name and tries to load a class with the given name to build TypeInformation.

Constructor parameters in org.springframework.data.convert with type arguments of type TypeInformationMapper
DefaultTypeMapper(TypeAliasAccessor<S> accessor, List<? extends TypeInformationMapper> mappers)
DefaultTypeMapper(TypeAliasAccessor<S> accessor, MappingContext<? extends PersistentEntity<?,?>,?> mappingContext, List<? extends TypeInformationMapper> additionalMappers)

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