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Packages that use ChangeSet
org.springframework.data.crossstore Support for cross-store persistence. 

Uses of ChangeSet in org.springframework.data.crossstore

Classes in org.springframework.data.crossstore that implement ChangeSet
 class HashMapChangeSet
          Simple ChangeSet implementation backed by a HashMap.

Methods in org.springframework.data.crossstore that return ChangeSet
 ChangeSet ChangeSetBacked.getChangeSet()

Methods in org.springframework.data.crossstore with parameters of type ChangeSet
 K ChangeSetPersister.getPersistentId(ChangeSetBacked entity, ChangeSet cs)
          Return id
 void ChangeSetPersister.getPersistentState(Class<? extends ChangeSetBacked> entityClass, K key, ChangeSet changeSet)
          TODO how to tell when not found?
 K ChangeSetPersister.persistState(ChangeSetBacked entity, ChangeSet cs)
          Return key

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