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Packages that use ParameterValueProvider
org.springframework.data.convert General purpose conversion framework to read objects from a data store abstraction and write it back. 
org.springframework.data.mapping.model Core implementation of the mapping subsystem's model. 

Uses of ParameterValueProvider in org.springframework.data.convert

Methods in org.springframework.data.convert with parameters of type ParameterValueProvider
<T,E extends PersistentEntity<? extends T,P>,P extends PersistentProperty<P>>
ReflectionEntityInstantiator.createInstance(E entity, ParameterValueProvider<P> provider)
<T,E extends PersistentEntity<? extends T,P>,P extends PersistentProperty<P>>
EntityInstantiator.createInstance(E entity, ParameterValueProvider<P> provider)
          Creates a new instance of the given entity using the given source to pull data from.

Uses of ParameterValueProvider in org.springframework.data.mapping.model

Classes in org.springframework.data.mapping.model that implement ParameterValueProvider
 class PersistentEntityParameterValueProvider<P extends PersistentProperty<P>>
          ParameterValueProvider based on a PersistentEntity to use a PropertyValueProvider to lookup the value of the property referenced by the given PreferredConstructor.Parameter.

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