Spring Data Core 3.3.0-M1 API

Core annotations being used by Spring Data.
Support for registering the need for reflection, resources, java serialization and proxies at runtime for Ahead of Time compilation.
General support for entity auditing.
Types to abstract authentication concepts.
Basic support for creating custom Spring namespaces and JavaConfig.
General purpose conversion framework to read objects from a data store abstraction and write it back.
Support for cross-store persistence.
Central domain abstractions especially to be used in combination with the Repository abstraction.
Central domain abstractions especially to be used in combination with the Repository abstraction.
Value Expression implementation.
Value types representing geo-spatial concepts.
Formatters for geo-spatial types.
Basic interfaces and value objects for histography API.
Base package for the mapping subsystem.
Mapping callback API and implementation base classes.
Mapping context API and implementation base classes.
Core implementation of the mapping subsystem's model.
Projection subsystem.
Querydsl integration support classes.
Base classes to implement CDI support for repositories.
Central interfaces for repository abstraction.
Support for processing of repositories with Ahead of Time compilation.
Predefined Runtime Hints.
Base classes to implement CDI support for repositories.
Support classes for repository namespace and JavaConfig integration.
Core abstractions for repository implementation.
Base classes to implement repositories for various data stores.
API for repositories using historiography.
Value objects to implement core repository interfaces for historiography.
Support for repository initialization using XML and JSON.
Support for Kotlin Coroutines repositories.
Support classes to work with query methods.
Support classes for parsing queries from method names.
Support for reactive repositories.
Support classes for integration of the repository programming model with 3rd party frameworks.
Utility classes for repository implementations.
SpEL support.
Service provider interfaces to extend the query execution mechanism.
Core support classes.
Contains advanced support for transactions, e.g. a best-effort delegating transaction manager.
Core support package for type introspection.
Support classes for reading annotation and class-level metadata.
Core utility APIs such as a type information framework to resolve generic types.
Integration with Spring MVC.
Spring Data web configuration.
Querydsl-specific web support.