@NonNullApi package
Value types representing geo-spatial concepts.
Thomas Darimont, Oliver Gierke
  • Class
    Represents a geospatial box value
    Represents a geospatial circle value
    Value object to create custom Metrics on the fly.
    Value object to represent distances in a given metric.
    Custom module to deserialize the geo-spatial value objects using Jackson 2.
    Custom Page to carry the average distance retrieved from the GeoResults the GeoPage is set up from.
    Value object capturing some arbitrary object plus a distance.
    Value object to capture GeoResults as well as the average distance they have.
    Interface for Metrics that can be applied to a base scale.
    Commonly used Metrics.
    Represents a geospatial point value.
    Simple value object to represent a Polygon.
    Common interface for all shapes.