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org.springframework.data.domain Central domain abstractions especially to be used in combination with the Repository abstraction. 
org.springframework.data.repository Central interfaces for repository abstraction. 
org.springframework.data.repository.query Support classes to work with query methods. 
org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser Support classes for parsing queries from method names. 

Uses of Sort in org.springframework.data.domain

Methods in org.springframework.data.domain that return Sort
 Sort Pageable.getSort()
          Returns the sorting parameters.
 Sort PageImpl.getSort()
 Sort Page.getSort()
          Returns the sorting parameters for the page.
 Sort PageRequest.getSort()
 Sort Sort.Order.withProperties(String... properties)
          Returns a new Sort instance for the given properties.

Constructors in org.springframework.data.domain with parameters of type Sort
PageRequest(int page, int size, Sort sort)
          Creates a new PageRequest with sort parameters applied.

Uses of Sort in org.springframework.data.repository

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository with parameters of type Sort
 Iterable<T> PagingAndSortingRepository.findAll(Sort sort)
          Returns all entities sorted by the given options.

Uses of Sort in org.springframework.data.repository.query

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository.query that return Sort
 Sort ParametersParameterAccessor.getSort()
 Sort ParameterAccessor.getSort()
          Returns the sort instance to be used for query creation.

Uses of Sort in org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser that return Sort
 Sort PartTree.getSort()
          Returns the Sort specification parsed from the source.
 Sort OrderBySource.toSort()

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser with parameters of type Sort
protected abstract  T AbstractQueryCreator.complete(S criteria, Sort sort)
          Actually creates the query object applying the given criteria object and Sort definition.
 T AbstractQueryCreator.createQuery(Sort sort)
          Creates the actual query object applying the given Sort parameter.

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