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Package org.springframework.data.mapping.context

Interface Summary
MappingContext<E extends PersistentEntity<?,P>,P extends PersistentProperty<P>> This interface defines the overall context including all known PersistentEntity instances and methods to obtain instances on demand

This interface is used internally to establish associations between entities and also at runtime to obtain entities by name

The generic type parameters T & R are used to specify the mapped form of a class (example Table) and property (example Column) respectively.

PersistentPropertyPath<T extends PersistentProperty<T>> Abstraction of a path of PersistentPropertys.

Class Summary
AbstractMappingContext<E extends MutablePersistentEntity<?,P>,P extends PersistentProperty<P>> Base class to build mapping metadata and thus create instances of PersistentEntity and PersistentProperty.

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