Spring Data Commons

Package org.springframework.data.mapping.model

Interface Summary
MutablePersistentEntity<T,P extends PersistentProperty<P>> Interface capturing mutator methods for PersistentEntitys.
ParameterValueProvider Callback interface to lookup values for a given PreferredConstructor.Parameter.

Class Summary
AbstractPersistentProperty<P extends PersistentProperty<P>> Simple impementation of PersistentProperty.
AnnotationBasedPersistentProperty<P extends PersistentProperty<P>> Special PersistentProperty that takes annotations at a property into account.
BasicPersistentEntity<T,P extends PersistentProperty<P>> Simple value object to capture information of PersistentEntitys.
BeanWrapper<E extends PersistentEntity<T,?>,T> Value object to allow creation of objects using the metamodel, setting and getting properties.
PreferredConstructorDiscoverer<T> Helper class to find a PreferredConstructor.
SimpleTypeHolder Simple container to hold a set of types to be considered simple types.
SpELAwareParameterValueProvider ParameterValueProvider implementation that evaluates the PreferredConstructor.Parameters key against SpelExpressionParser and EvaluationContext.

Exception Summary
IllegalMappingException Thrown when an error occurs reading the mapping between object and datastore

Spring Data Commons

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