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Packages that use Pageable
org.springframework.data.domain Central domain abstractions especially to be used in combination with the Repository abstraction. 
org.springframework.data.querydsl Querydsl integration support classes. 
org.springframework.data.repository Central interfaces for repository abstraction. 
org.springframework.data.repository.history API for repositories using historiography. 
org.springframework.data.repository.query Support classes to work with query methods. 
org.springframework.data.web Integration with Spring MVC. 

Uses of Pageable in org.springframework.data.domain

Classes in org.springframework.data.domain that implement Pageable
 class PageRequest
          Basic Java Bean implementation of Pageable.

Constructors in org.springframework.data.domain with parameters of type Pageable
PageImpl(List<T> content, Pageable pageable, long total)
          Constructor of PageImpl.

Uses of Pageable in org.springframework.data.querydsl

Methods in org.springframework.data.querydsl with parameters of type Pageable
 Page<T> QueryDslPredicateExecutor.findAll(com.mysema.query.types.Predicate predicate, Pageable pageable)
          Returns a Page of entities matching the given Predicate.

Uses of Pageable in org.springframework.data.repository

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository with parameters of type Pageable
 Page<T> PagingAndSortingRepository.findAll(Pageable pageable)
          Returns a Page of entities meeting the paging restriction provided in the Pageable object.

Uses of Pageable in org.springframework.data.repository.history

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository.history with parameters of type Pageable
 Page<Revision<N,T>> RevisionRepository.findRevisions(ID id, Pageable pageable)
          Returns a Page of revisions for the entity with the given id.

Uses of Pageable in org.springframework.data.repository.query

Methods in org.springframework.data.repository.query that return Pageable
 Pageable ParametersParameterAccessor.getPageable()
 Pageable ParameterAccessor.getPageable()
          Returns the Pageable of the parameters, if available.

Uses of Pageable in org.springframework.data.web

Methods in org.springframework.data.web with parameters of type Pageable
 void PageableArgumentResolver.setFallbackPagable(Pageable fallbackPagable)
          Setter to configure a fallback instance of Pageable that is being used to back missing parameters.

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