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Packages that use Persistable
org.springframework.data.domain Central domain abstractions especially to be used in combination with the Repository abstraction. 
org.springframework.data.repository.core.support Base classes to implement repositories for various data stores. 

Uses of Persistable in org.springframework.data.domain

Subinterfaces of Persistable in org.springframework.data.domain
 interface Auditable<U,ID extends Serializable>
          Interface for auditable entities.

Uses of Persistable in org.springframework.data.repository.core.support

Classes in org.springframework.data.repository.core.support with type parameters of type Persistable
 class PersistableEntityInformation<T extends Persistable<ID>,ID extends Serializable>
          Implementation of EntityMetadata that assumes the entity handled implements Persistable and uses isNew() for the AbstractEntityInformation.isNew(Object) check.

Spring Data Commons

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