MongoDB specific repository implementation.


Interface Summary
ConvertingParameterAccessor.PotentiallyConvertingIterator Custom Iterator that adds a method to access elements in a converted manner.
MongoEntityInformation<T,ID extends Serializable> Mongo specific EntityInformation.
MongoRepository<T,ID extends Serializable> Mongo specific Repository interface.

Class Summary
AbstractMongoQuery Base class for RepositoryQuery implementations for Mongo.
ConvertingParameterAccessor Custom ParameterAccessor that uses a MongoWriter to serialize parameters into Mongo format.
MappingMongoEntityInformation<T,ID extends Serializable> MongoEntityInformation implementation using a BasicMongoPersistentEntity instance to lookup the necessary information.
MongoAnnotationProcessor Annotation processor to create Querydsl query types for QueryDsl annoated classes
MongoRepositoryFactoryBean<T extends Repository<S,ID>,S,ID extends Serializable> FactoryBean to create MongoRepository instances.
MongoRepositoryFactoryBean.MongoRepositoryFactory Repository to create MongoRepository instances.
PartTreeMongoQuery RepositoryQuery implementation for Mongo.
QueryDslMongoRepository<T,ID extends Serializable> Special QueryDsl based repository implementation that allows execution Predicates in various forms.
SimpleMongoRepository<T,ID extends Serializable> Repository base implementation for Mongo.
StringBasedMongoQuery Query to use a plain JSON String to create the Query to actually execute.

Annotation Types Summary
Query Annotation to declare finder queries directly on repository methods.

Package Description

MongoDB specific repository implementation.

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