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Packages that use MongoConverter
org.springframework.data.document.mongodb MongoDB core support. 
org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.query MongoDB specific query and update support. 

Uses of MongoConverter in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb

Methods in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb that return MongoConverter
 MongoConverter MongoTemplate.getConverter()
          Returns the default MongoConverter.

Constructors in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb with parameters of type MongoConverter
MongoTemplate(MongoDbFactory mongoDbFactory, MongoConverter mongoConverter)
          Constructor used for a basic template configuration

Uses of MongoConverter in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.convert

Classes in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.convert that implement MongoConverter
 class AbstractMongoConverter
 class MappingMongoConverter
          MongoConverter that uses a MappingContext to do sophisticated mapping of domain objects to DBObject.
 class SimpleMongoConverter
          Deprecated. since Spring 1.0 M3 in favor of MappingMongoConverter The MappingMongoConverter provides all the functionality of the SimpleMongoConverter and will replace it as the default converter used. The SimpleMongoCOnverter will be removed at some point before the GA release.

Uses of MongoConverter in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.query

Constructors in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.query with parameters of type MongoConverter
QueryMapper(MongoConverter converter)
          Creates a new QueryMapper with the given MongoConverter.

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