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Packages that use Point
org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.query MongoDB specific query and update support. 

Uses of Point in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.geo

Methods in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.geo that return Point
 Point Circle.getCenter()
 Point Box.getLowerLeft()
 Point Box.getUpperRight()

Constructors in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.geo with parameters of type Point
Box(Point lowerLeft, Point upperRight)
Circle(Point center, double radius)
Point(Point point)

Uses of Point in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.query

Methods in org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.query with parameters of type Point
 Criteria Criteria.near(Point point)
          Creates a geospatial criterion using a $near operation
 Criteria Criteria.nearSphere(Point point)
          Creates a geospatial criterion using a $nearSphere operation.

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