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Package org.springframework.data.document.mongodb.mapping

Interface Summary
MongoPersistentProperty Mongo specific PersistentProperty implementation.

Class Summary
BasicMongoPersistentEntity<T> Mongo specific PersistentEntity implementation that adds Mongo specific meta-data such as the collection name and the like.
BasicMongoPersistentProperty Mongo specific PersistentProperty implementation.
MongoPersistentEntityIndexCreator Component that inspects BasicMongoPersistentEntity instances contained in the given MongoMappingContext for indexing metadata and ensures the indexes to be available.

Annotation Types Summary
DBRef An annotation that indicates the annotated field is to be stored using a com.mongodb.DBRef
Document Identifies a domain object to be persisted to MongoDB.
FieldName Annotation to allow defining the name of the field a property should use in a Mongo document.

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