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Packages that use RedisCallback
org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.core Core package for integrating Redis with Spring concepts. 

Uses of RedisCallback in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.core

Methods in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.core with parameters of type RedisCallback
<T> T
RedisTemplate.execute(RedisCallback<T> action)
<T> T
RedisOperations.execute(RedisCallback<T> action)
          Executes the given action within a Redis connection.
<T> T
RedisTemplate.execute(RedisCallback<T> action, boolean exposeConnection)
          Executes the given action object within a connection, which can be exposed or not.
<T> T
RedisTemplate.execute(RedisCallback<T> action, boolean exposeConnection, boolean pipeline)
          Executes the given action object within a connection that can be exposed or not.

Spring Data Key-Value

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