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Packages that use Topic
org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.listener Base package for Redis message listener / pubsub container facility 

Uses of Topic in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.listener

Classes in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.listener that implement Topic
 class ChannelTopic
          Topic describing a channel.
 class PatternTopic
          Pattern topic (matching multiple channels).

Methods in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.listener with parameters of type Topic
 void RedisMessageListenerContainer.addMessageListener(MessageListener listener, Topic topic)
          Adds a message listener to the (potentially running) container.

Method parameters in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.listener with type arguments of type Topic
 void RedisMessageListenerContainer.addMessageListener(MessageListener listener, Collection<? extends Topic> topics)
          Adds a message listener to the (potentially running) container.
 void RedisMessageListenerContainer.setMessageListeners(Map<? extends MessageListener,Collection<? extends Topic>> listeners)
          Attaches the given listeners (and their topics) to the container.

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