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Packages that use RedisStore
org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.support.collections Package providing implementations for most of the java.util collections on top of Redis. 

Uses of RedisStore in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.support.collections

Subinterfaces of RedisStore in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.support.collections
 interface RedisCollection<E>
          Redis extension for the Collection contract.
 interface RedisList<E>
          Redis extension for the List contract.
 interface RedisMap<K,V>
          Map view of a Redis hash.
 interface RedisSet<E>
          Redis extension for the Set contract.
 interface RedisZSet<E>
          Redis ZSet (or sorted set (by weight)).

Classes in org.springframework.data.keyvalue.redis.support.collections that implement RedisStore
 class AbstractRedisCollection<E>
          Base implementation for RedisCollection.
 class DefaultRedisList<E>
          Default implementation for RedisList.
 class DefaultRedisMap<K,V>
          Default implementation for RedisMap.
 class DefaultRedisSet<E>
          Default implementation for RedisSet.
 class DefaultRedisZSet<E>
          Default implementation for RedisZSet.

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