Interface RedisCommands

All Superinterfaces:
RedisConnectionCommands, RedisHashCommands, RedisKeyCommands, RedisListCommands, RedisPubSubCommands, RedisServerCommands, RedisSetCommands, RedisStringCommands, RedisTxCommands, RedisZSetCommands
All Known Subinterfaces:
RedisConnection, StringRedisConnection
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultStringRedisConnection, JedisConnection, JredisConnection, RjcConnection, SrpConnection

public interface RedisCommands
extends RedisKeyCommands, RedisStringCommands, RedisListCommands, RedisSetCommands, RedisZSetCommands, RedisHashCommands, RedisTxCommands, RedisPubSubCommands, RedisConnectionCommands, RedisServerCommands

Interface for the commands supported by Redis.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface
RedisZSetCommands.Aggregate, RedisZSetCommands.Tuple
Method Summary
 Object execute(String command, byte[]... args)
          'Native' or 'raw' execution of the given command along-side the given arguments.
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del, exists, expire, expireAt, keys, move, persist, randomKey, rename, renameNX, sort, sort, ttl, type
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append, decr, decrBy, get, getBit, getRange, getSet, incr, incrBy, mGet, mSet, mSetNX, set, setBit, setEx, setNX, setRange, strLen
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bLPop, bRPop, bRPopLPush, lIndex, lInsert, lLen, lPop, lPush, lPushX, lRange, lRem, lSet, lTrim, rPop, rPopLPush, rPush, rPushX
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sAdd, sCard, sDiff, sDiffStore, sInter, sInterStore, sIsMember, sMembers, sMove, sPop, sRandMember, sRem, sUnion, sUnionStore
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zAdd, zCard, zCount, zIncrBy, zInterStore, zInterStore, zRange, zRangeByScore, zRangeByScore, zRangeByScoreWithScores, zRangeByScoreWithScores, zRangeWithScores, zRank, zRem, zRemRange, zRemRangeByScore, zRevRange, zRevRangeByScore, zRevRangeByScore, zRevRangeByScoreWithScores, zRevRangeByScoreWithScores, zRevRangeWithScores, zRevRank, zScore, zUnionStore, zUnionStore
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hDel, hExists, hGet, hGetAll, hIncrBy, hKeys, hLen, hMGet, hMSet, hSet, hSetNX, hVals
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echo, ping, select
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Method Detail


Object execute(String command,
               byte[]... args)
'Native' or 'raw' execution of the given command along-side the given arguments. The command is executed as is, with as little 'interpretation' as possible - it is up to the caller to take care of any processing of arguments or the result.

command - Command to execute
args - Possible command arguments (may be null)
execution result.