Interface ReactiveElasticsearchOperations

All Superinterfaces:
ReactiveDocumentOperations, ReactiveScriptOperations, ReactiveSearchOperations
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractReactiveElasticsearchTemplate, ReactiveElasticsearchTemplate, ReactiveElasticsearchTemplate

public interface ReactiveElasticsearchOperations extends ReactiveDocumentOperations, ReactiveSearchOperations, ReactiveScriptOperations
Interface that specifies a basic set of Elasticsearch operations executed in a reactive way.

Implemented by ReactiveElasticsearchTemplate. Not often used but a useful option for extensibility and testability (as it can be easily mocked, stubbed, or be the target of a JDK proxy). Command execution using ReactiveElasticsearchOperations is deferred until a Subscriber subscribes to the Publisher.

Christoph Strobl, Peter-Josef Meisch