Class ByQueryResponse


public class ByQueryResponse extends Object
Response of an update by query operation.
Farid Faoudi
  • Method Details

    • getTook

      public long getTook()
      The number of milliseconds from start to end of the whole operation.
    • getTimedOut

      public boolean getTimedOut()
      Did any of the sub-requests that were part of this request timeout?
    • getTotal

      public long getTotal()
      The number of documents that were successfully processed.
    • getUpdated

      public long getUpdated()
      The number of documents that were successfully updated.
    • getDeleted

      public long getDeleted()
      The number of documents that were successfully deleted.
    • getBatches

      public int getBatches()
      The number of scroll responses pulled back by the update by query.
    • getVersionConflicts

      public long getVersionConflicts()
      The number of version conflicts that the update by query hit.
    • getNoops

      public long getNoops()
      The number of documents that were ignored because the script used for the update by query returned a noop value for ctx.op.
    • getBulkRetries

      public long getBulkRetries()
      The number of times that the request had retry bulk actions.
    • getSearchRetries

      public long getSearchRetries()
      The number of times that the request had retry search actions.
    • getReasonCancelled

      @Nullable public String getReasonCancelled()
      The reason that the request was canceled or null if it hasn't been.
    • getFailures

      public List<ByQueryResponse.Failure> getFailures()
      All of the bulk failures. Version conflicts are only included if the request sets abortOnVersionConflict to true (the default).
    • getSearchFailures

      public List<ByQueryResponse.SearchFailure> getSearchFailures()
      Failures during search phase
    • builder

      public static ByQueryResponse.ByQueryResponseBuilder builder()
      a new ByQueryResponse.ByQueryResponseBuilder to build ByQueryResponse