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Spring Data Envers
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createRepositoryFactory(EntityManager) - Method in class


DefaultRevisionMetadata - Class in
RevisionMetadata working with a DefaultRevisionEntity.
DefaultRevisionMetadata(DefaultRevisionEntity) - Constructor for class


EnversRevisionRepository<T,ID extends Serializable,N extends Number & Comparable<N>> - Interface in
since 1.1, in favor of simply extending RevisionRepository.
EnversRevisionRepositoryFactoryBean<T extends RevisionRepository<S,ID,N>,S,ID,N extends Number & Comparable<N>> - Class in
FactoryBean creating RevisionRepository instances.
EnversRevisionRepositoryFactoryBean(Class<? extends T>) - Constructor for class
Creates a new EnversRevisionRepositoryFactoryBean for the given repository interface.
EnversRevisionRepositoryImpl<T,ID,N extends Number & Comparable<N>> - Class in
Repository implementation using Hibernate Envers to implement revision specific query methods.
EnversRevisionRepositoryImpl(JpaEntityInformation<T, ?>, RevisionEntityInformation, EntityManager) - Constructor for class
Creates a new EnversRevisionRepositoryImpl using the given JpaEntityInformation, RevisionEntityInformation and EntityManager.
equals(Object) - Method in class


findLastChangeRevision(ID) - Method in class
findRevision(ID, N) - Method in class
findRevisions(ID) - Method in class
findRevisions(ID, Pageable) - Method in class


getDelegate() - Method in class
getRevisionDate() - Method in class
getRevisionEntityClass() - Method in class
getRevisionNumber() - Method in class
getRevisionNumberType() - Method in class


hashCode() - Method in class


isDefaultRevisionEntity() - Method in class

O - package


ReflectionRevisionEntityInformation - Class in
RevisionEntityInformation that uses reflection to inspect a property annotated with RevisionNumber to find out about the revision number type.
ReflectionRevisionEntityInformation(Class<?>) - Constructor for class
Creates a new ReflectionRevisionEntityInformation inspecting the given revision entity class.


setRevisionEntityClass(Class<?>) - Method in class
Configures the revision entity class.


toString() - Method in class
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Spring Data Envers

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