Hadoop FileSystem supporting classes.


Class Summary
DistCp Exposes the Hadoop command-line distcp as an embeddable API.
DistributedCacheFactoryBean Factory for easy declarative configuration of a DistributedCache.
DistributedCacheFactoryBean.CacheEntry Class describing an entry of the distributed cache.
FileSystemFactoryBean FactoryBean for creating Hadoop FileSystem instances.
FsShell HDFS FileSystem Shell supporting the 'hadoop fs/dfs [x]' commands as methods.
HdfsResourceLoader Spring ResourceLoader over Hadoop FileSystem.
SimplerFileSystem FileSystem decorator that overloads methods to accept Strings instead of Paths.

Enum Summary
DistCp.Preserve Enumeration for the possible attributes that can be preserved by a copy operation.
DistributedCacheFactoryBean.CacheEntry.EntryType A distributed cache entry type.

Package Description

Hadoop FileSystem supporting classes.