Class ParameterBinder


public class ParameterBinder extends Object
ParameterBinder is used to bind method parameters to a Query. This is usually done whenever an AbstractJpaQuery is executed.
Oliver Gierke, Thomas Darimont, Mark Paluch, Christoph Strobl, Jens Schauder
  • Constructor Details

    • ParameterBinder

      public ParameterBinder(JpaParameters parameters, Iterable<> parameterSetters, boolean useJpaForPaging)
      Creates a new ParameterBinder for the given JpaParameters and QueryParameterSetters.
      parameters - must not be null.
      parameterSetters - must not be null.
      useJpaForPaging - determines whether Query.setFirstResult(int) and Query.setMaxResults(int) shall be used for paging.
  • Method Details

    • bind

      public <T extends jakarta.persistence.Query> T bind(T jpaQuery, metadata, JpaParametersParameterAccessor accessor)
    • bind

      public void bind( query, JpaParametersParameterAccessor accessor, errorHandling)