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Spring Data Neo4j

Spring Data Neo4j 5.0.9.RELEASE API

Package Description
A set of Neo4j specific annotations (especially Depth and Bookmark support).
Support for Neo4js bookmarks for use with the java driver / bolt transport.
Adapter between Springs conversion service infrastructure and OGM infrastructure.
Contains infrastructure for mapping Neo4j errors to Spring Data Exception hierarchy.
Neo4j specific support classes for the Spring Data mapping subsystem.
Infrastructure for Neo4j specific repositories.
CDI support for Neo4j specific repository implementation.
Classes for Neo4j namespace configuration.
Query implementation to execute queries against Neo4j.
Derived query creation.
Builder classes to create Neo4j-OGM filters.
Neo4j repository implementations.
Spring Data Neo4js implementation of a PlatformTransactionManager.
Util classes for iteration and pagination.
Support classes for web requests.
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Spring Data Neo4j

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