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Spring Data Redis

Spring Data Redis 1.7.2.RELEASE API

Package Description
Root package for integrating Redis with Spring concepts.
Package providing a Redis implementation for Spring cache abstraction.
Connection package providing low-level abstractions for interacting with the various Redis 'drivers'/libraries.
Connection package for Jedis library.
Connection package for JRedis library.
Connection package for Lettuce Redis client.
Connection package for spullara Redis Protocol library.
Internal utility package for encoding/decoding Strings to byte[] (using Base64) library.
Core package for integrating Redis with Spring concepts.
Query package for Redis template.
Dedicated support package for Redis hashes.
Base package for Redis message listener / pubsub container facility
Message listener adapter package.
CDI support for Redis specific repository implementation.
Serialization/Deserialization package for converting Object to (and from) binary data.
Classes supporting the Redis packages, such as collection or atomic counters.
Small toolkit mirroring the java.util.atomic package in Redis.
Package providing implementations for most of the java.util collections on top of Redis.  
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Spring Data Redis

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