Class DefaultRedisList<E>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<E>, Collection<E>, BlockingDeque<E>, BlockingQueue<E>, Deque<E>, List<E>, Queue<E>, BoundKeyOperations<String>, RedisCollection<E>, RedisList<E>, RedisStore

public class DefaultRedisList<E> extends AbstractRedisCollection<E> implements RedisList<E>
Default implementation for RedisList. Suitable for not just lists, but also queues (FIFO ordering) or stacks (LIFO ordering) and deques (or double ended queues). Allows the maximum size (or the cap) to be specified to prevent the list from over growing. Note that all write operations will execute immediately, whether a cap is specified or not - the list will always accept new items (trimming the tail after each insert in case of capped collections).
Costin Leau, Christoph Strobl, Mark Paluch, John Blum