All Classes and Interfaces

Abstract class that listens for generic RepositoryEvents and dispatches them to a specific method based on the event type.
Event that is emitted after a new entity is saved.
Emitted after the entity is deleted from the repository.
Emitted after a link to a related object is deleted from the parent.
Emitted after saving a linked object to its parent in the repository.
Emitted after a save to the repository.
Represents a reference to an aggregate backed by a URI.
Jackson module to enable aggregate reference resolution for non-aggregate root types.
Controller exposing semantic documentation for the resources exposed using the Application Level Profile Semantics format.
HttpMessageConverter to render Alps and RootResourceInformation instances as application/alps+json.
Component to discover annotated repository event handlers and trigger them on ApplicationEvents.
A ResourceDescription that is customized based on a Description annotation.
AssociationAggregateReference<T extends org.jmolecules.ddd.types.AggregateRoot<T,ID>,ID extends org.jmolecules.ddd.types.Identifier>
An AggregateReference that can also resolve into jMolecules Association instances.
A value object to for Links representing associations.
Annotation to bind the backend id of an entity.
SPI to allow the customization of how entity ids are exposed in URIs generated.
The default BackendIdConverter that will simply use ids as they are.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to resolve entity ids for injection int handler method arguments annotated with BackendId.
Annotation to declare a controller that declares request mappings to be augmented with a base URI in the Spring Data REST configuration.
A RequestMappingHandlerMapping that augments the request mappings
Value object to be able to extract the lookup path within a configured base URI that forms a URI namespace.
Event emitted before an entity is saved for the first time.
Emitted before an entity is deleted from the repository.
Emitted before a link to a related object is deleted from the parent.
Emitted before a linked object is saved to the repository.
Emitted before an entity is saved into the repository.
Contextual mapping for he translation of JSON Pointer segments into property references on persistent types.
Factory to create BindContext instances.
A custom resource mapping for collection resources.
HttpMethods that expose methods to create different ConfigurableHttpMethods.
A helper class to encapsulate ConstraintViolation errors.
Components that are aware of CORS configuration.
SupportedHttpMethods that are determined by a CrudMethods instance.
Value object to capture a Pageable as well whether it is the default one configured.
DefaultedPageable implementation of ExcerptProjector that uses the given ProjectionFactory and considers the given ResourceMappings.
A service to collect all standard links that need to be added to a certain object.
Default implementation of SelfLinkProvider that uses an EntityLinks instance to create self links.
Annotation to describe semantics of a resource.
Resolves a domain class from a web request.
Component to apply an ObjectNode to an existing domain object.
SPI to customize which property of an entity is used as unique identifier and how the entity instance is looked up from the backend.
Configuration interfaces to ease the configuration of custom EntityLookups for repositories.
EntityLookup implementation base class to derive the supported domain type from the generics signature.
Configuration options for enum value translation.
Configuration to tweak enum serialization.
A value object to represent ETags.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to resolve If-Match headers for optimistic locking handling ETag.
An exception being thrown in case the ETag calculated for a particular object does not match an expected one.
An event to encapsulate an exception occurring anywhere within the REST exporter.
A helper that renders an Exception JSON-friendly.
Interface for a component that can provide excerpt projections.
Configuration type to register filters customizing the HTTP methods supported.
Configuration API to register filters to customize the supported HTTP methods by different kinds of resources.
A filter to post-process the supported HTTP methods by aggregate resources (collection or item resource).
A filter to post-process the supported HTTP methods by Association resources.
Denotes a component that should handle the afterDelete event.
Denotes a component that should handle the afterLinkDelete event.
Denotes a component that should handle the afterLinkSave event.
Denotes a component that should handle the afterSave event.
Denotes a component that should handle the beforeDelete event.
Denotes a component that should handle the beforeLinkDelete event.
Denotes a component that should handle the beforeLinkSave event.
Denotes a component that should handle the beforeSave event.
Value object to prepare HttpHeaders for PersistentEntityResource and PersistentEntity instances.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to provide HttpMethod instances for innjection into MVC controller methods.
A collection of HttpMethods with some convenience methods to create alternate sets of those.
Value object to wrap a ServerHttpRequest to provide a slightly more abstract API to find out about the request method.
HttpInputMessage based on a plain InputStream, i.e. exposing no headers.
Helper class to register datatype modules based on their presence in the classpath.
Translator for Sort arguments that is aware of Jackson-Mapping on domain classes.
Translates Sort orders from Jackson-mapped field names to PersistentProperty names.
Value object to abstract Jackson based bean metadata of a given type.
Custom Spring Data REST Jackson serializers.
Enum deserializer that uses a resource bundle to resolve enum values.
An enum serializer to translate raw enum values into values resolved through a resource bundle.
Convert JsonNodes containing JSON Patch to/from Patch objects.
Model class to render JSON schema documents.
Value object to abstract a Map of JSON Schema definitions.
A JsonSchema.JsonSchemaProperty representing enumerations.
A JSON Schema property
An enum to represent JSON Schema pre-defined formats.
Callback interface to customize the JsonSchema.JsonSchemaProperty created by default for a given type.
A service to collect all standard links that need to be added to a certain object.
Base class for RepositoryEvents that deal with saving/updating or deleting a linked object.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to resolve DefaultedPageable from a PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolver applying field to property mapping.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to resolve Pageable from a PageableArgumentResolver applying field to property mapping.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to resolve Sort from a SortHandlerMethodArgumentResolver applying field to property mapping.
Helper methods to work with Maps.
Configuration for metadata exposure.
A ResourceMapping that is backed by a Method.
Interface to abstract the access of TemplateVariables for pagination and sorting.
Value object to capture metadata for query method parameters.
Value object for a list of ParameterMetadata instances.
Represents a Patch.
A strategy interface for producing Patch instances from a patch document representation (such as JSON Patch) and rendering a Patch to a patch document representation.
Exception thrown if an error occurs in the course of applying a Patch.
Abstract base class representing and providing support methods for patch operations.
Simple value object to build up (URI) paths.
Jackson 2 module to serialize and deserialize PersistentEntityResources.
A BeanDeserializerModifier that registers a custom PersistentEntityJackson2Module.UriStringDeserializer for association properties of PersistentEntitys.
Advanced customization of the CreatorProperty instances customized to additionally register them with the ValueInstantiator backing the BeanDeserializerModifier.
Custom JsonDeserializer to interpret String values as URIs and resolve them using a UriToEntityConverter.
Projector looking up a projection by name for the given source type.
A Spring HATEOAS EntityModel subclass that holds a reference to the entity's PersistentEntity metadata.
Builder to create PersistentEntityResource instances.
RepresentationModelAssembler to create PersistentEntityResources for arbitrary domain objects.
Converter to create JsonSchema instances for PersistentEntitys.
Profile-based controller exposing multiple forms of metadata.
RepresentationModelProcessor to add a profile link to the root resource to point to multiple forms of metadata.
Annotation to tie a particular projection type to a source type.
Wrapper class to register projection definitions for later lookup by name and source type.
BeanPostProcessor to make sure all excerpt projections defined in RepositoryResourceMappings are registered with the RepositoryRestConfiguration.
Interface to allow the lookup of a projection interface by source type and name.
Interface for a component being able to create projections for objects.
Exception that is thrown when a Spring Validator throws an error.
Controller for the root resource exposing links to the repository resources.
The strategy to determine whether a given repository is to be exported by Spring Data REST.
A variety of strategies to determine repository exposure.
EntityLinks implementation that is able to create Link for domain classes managed by Spring Data REST.
Abstract base class for events emitted by the REST exporter.
Advertises classes annotated with this that they are event handlers.
LinkBuilder to be able to create links pointing to repositories.
Dedicated resource type to represent the links pointing to collection resources exposed for repositories.
A LinkRelationProvider based on the ResourceMappings for the registered repositories.
Central abstraction obtain ResourceMetadata and ResourceMapping instances for domain types and repositories.
Spring Data REST configuration options.
Component to configure and customize the setup of Spring Data REST.
Annotation to demarcate Spring MVC controllers provided by Spring Data REST.
Special DispatcherServlet subclass that certain exporter components can recognize.
Exception handler for Spring Data REST controllers.
RequestMappingHandlerAdapter implementation that adds a couple argument resolvers for controller method parameters used in the REST exporter controller.
RequestMappingHandlerMapping implementation that will only find a handler method if a Repository is exported under that URL path segment.
Main application configuration for Spring Data REST.
Annotate a Repository with this to customize export mapping and rels.
A custom RepresentationModel type to be able to write custom RepresentationModelProcessors to add additional links to ones automatically exposed for Spring Data repository query methods.
A wrapper for a variety of RepresentationModelAssemblers to avoid having to depend on all of them from our controllers.
Adapter class for the MessageSourceResolvable part of a ResourceDescription.
An AggregateReference implementation that resolves the source URI given a Function or into a fixed value.
A description of a resource.
Mapping information for components to be exported as REST resources.
Manages the ResourceMapping configurations for any resources being exported.
for removal in 3.5
Interface for metadata of resources exposed through the system.
Indicates a resource was not found.
Helper methods aiming at handling String representations of resources.
An enum listing all supported resource types.
Configuration class registering required components that declare request mappings as beans.
Constants to refer to supported media types.
Annotate a Repository with this to influence how it is exported and what the value of the rel attribute will be in links.
Meta-information about the root repository resource.
HandlerMethodArgumentResolver to create RootResourceInformation for injection into Spring MVC controller methods.
Converter to create Alps Descriptor instances for a RootResourceInformation.
ResourceMapping for all search resources.
Component to create self links for entity instances.
SPI to be able to register extensions that add static resource routes.
Converter to convert a String to a LdapName.
An API to discover the HttpMethods supported on a given ResourceType.
Null object to abstract the absence of any support for any HTTP method.
SimpleResourceDescription that additionally captures a type to be able to potentially create a reasonable default message.
RepositoryInvokerFactory that wraps the RepositoryInvokerFactory returned by the delegate with one that automatically unwraps JDK 8 Optional and Guava Optionals.
Converter to render all Links contained in a RepresentationModel as text/uri-list and parse a request of that media type back into a RepresentationModel instance.
A GenericConverter that can convert a URI into an entity.
Utility methods to work with requests and URIs.
ApplicationListener implementation that dispatches RepositoryEvents to a specific Validator.
An Errors implementation for use in the events mechanism of Spring Data REST.