Interface PatchConverter<T>

Type Parameters:
T - A type holding a representation of the patch. For example, a JsonNode if working with JSON Patch.
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public interface PatchConverter<T>

A strategy interface for producing Patch instances from a patch document representation (such as JSON Patch) and rendering a Patch to a patch document representation. This decouples the Patch class from any specific patch format or library that holds the representation.

For example, if the Patch is to be represented as JSON Patch, the representation type could be JsonNode or some other JSON library's type that holds a JSON document.

Craig Walls, Oliver Gierke
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    convert(T patchRepresentation)
    Convert a patch document representation to a Patch.
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    • convert

      Patch convert(T patchRepresentation)
      Convert a patch document representation to a Patch.
      patchRepresentation - the representation of a patch.
      the Patch object that the document represents.