Interface ParameterMapper

public interface ParameterMapper

Implement this interface when parameters need to be customized based on the connection. We might need to do this to make use of proprietary features, available only with a specific Connection type.

Rod Johnson, Thomas Risberg

Method Summary
 java.util.Map createMap(java.sql.Connection con)

Method Detail


public java.util.Map createMap(java.sql.Connection con)
                        throws java.sql.SQLException
con - JDBC connection. This is useful (and the purpose of this interface) if we need to do something RDBMS-specific with a proprietary Connection implementation. This class conceals such proprietary details. However, it is best to avoid using such proprietary RDBMS features if possible.
Map of input parameters, keyed by name
java.sql.SQLException - if a SQLException is encountered setting parameter values (that is, there's no need to catch SQLException)

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