Interface TransactionStatus

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public interface TransactionStatus

Representation of the status of a transaction, consisting of a transaction object and some status flags.

Transactional code can use this to retrieve status information, and to programmatically request a rollback (instead of throwing an exception that causes an implicit rollback).

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See Also:
PlatformTransactionManager, TransactionCallback.doInTransaction(org.springframework.transaction.TransactionStatus), TransactionInterceptor.currentTransactionStatus(), setRollbackOnly()

Method Summary
 boolean isNewTransaction()
          Return if the transaction is new, else participating in an existing transaction.
 boolean isRollbackOnly()
          Return if the transaction has been set rollback-only.
 void setRollbackOnly()
          Set the transaction rollback-only.

Method Detail


public boolean isNewTransaction()
Return if the transaction is new, else participating in an existing transaction.


public void setRollbackOnly()
Set the transaction rollback-only. This instructs the transaction manager that the only possible outcome of the transaction may be a rollback, proceeding with the normal applicaiton workflow though (i.e. no exception).

For transactions managed by TransactionTemplate or TransactionInterceptor. An alternative way to trigger a rollback is throwing an application exception.

See Also:
TransactionCallback.doInTransaction(org.springframework.transaction.TransactionStatus), TransactionAttribute.rollbackOn(java.lang.Throwable)


public boolean isRollbackOnly()
Return if the transaction has been set rollback-only.

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