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Packages that use GenericFilterBean Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.hibernate package. 
org.springframework.web.filter Provides generic filter base classes allowing for bean-style configuration. Support classes for the multipart resolution framework. 

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 class OpenSessionInViewFilter
          Servlet 2.3 Filter that binds a Hibernate Session to the thread for the whole processing of the request.

Uses of GenericFilterBean in org.springframework.web.filter

Subclasses of GenericFilterBean in org.springframework.web.filter
 class CharacterEncodingFilter
          Servlet 2.3 Filter that allows to specify a character encoding for requests.
 class OncePerRequestFilter
          Filter base class that guarantees to be just executed once per request, on any servlet container.

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 class MultipartFilter
          Servlet 2.3 Filter that resolves multipart requests via a MultipartResolver in the root web application context.

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