Package org.springframework.aop.framework

Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces.


Interface Summary
Advised Interface to be implemented by classes that hold the configuration of a factory of AOP proxies.
AdvisedSupportListener Listener to be registered on AdvisedSupport objects.
AdvisorChainFactory Factory for advisor chains.
AopProxy Strategy interface for proxy creation.
AopProxyFactory Interface to be implemented by objects that can create AOP proxies based on AdvisedSupport objects.

Class Summary
AdvisedSupport Superclass for AOP proxy configuration managers.
AdvisorChainFactoryUtils Utility methods for use by AdviceChainFactory implementations.
AopContext Class containing static methods used to obtain information about the current AOP invocation.
AopProxyUtils Miscellaneous utilities for AOP proxy implementations.
Cglib2AopProxy CGLIB2-based AopProxy implementation for the Spring AOP framework.
Cglib2AopProxy.SerializableNoOp Serializable replacement for CGLIB's NoOp interface.
DefaultAopProxyFactory Simple implementation of AopProxyFactory, either creating a CGLIB proxy or a JDK dynamic proxy.
HashMapCachingAdvisorChainFactory AdvisorChainFactory implementation that caches by method.
InterceptorAndDynamicMethodMatcher Internal framework class.
JdkDynamicAopProxy InvocationHandler implementation for the Spring AOP framework, based on J2SE 1.3+ dynamic proxies.
ProxyConfig Convenience superclass for configuration used in creating proxies, to ensure that all proxy creators have consistent properties.
ProxyFactory Factory for AOP proxies for programmatic use, rather than via a bean factory.
ProxyFactoryBean FactoryBean implementation for use to source AOP proxies from a Spring BeanFactory.
ReflectiveMethodInvocation Spring's implementation of AOP Alliance MethodInvocation interface.

Exception Summary
AopConfigException Exception that gets thrown on illegal AOP configuration arguments.

Package org.springframework.aop.framework Description

Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces.

Spring AOP supports proxying interfaces or classes, introductions, and offers static and dynamic pointcuts.

Any Spring AOP proxy can be cast to the ProxyConfig AOP configuration interface in this package to add or remove interceptors.

The ProxyFactoryBean is a convenient way to create AOP proxies in a BeanFactory or ApplicationContext. However, proxies can be created programmatically using the ProxyFactory class.

Copyright (C) 2003-2004 The Spring Framework Project.