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Packages that use StaticMethodMatcher Convenience classes for using Spring's AOP API. 
org.springframework.transaction.interceptor AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation.  

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 class AbstractRegexpMethodPointcut
          Abstract base regular expression pointcut bean.
 class JdkRegexpMethodPointcut
          Java 1.4 regular expression pointcut bean.
 class NameMatchMethodPointcut
          Pointcut bean for simple method name matches, as alternative to regexp patterns.
 class NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor
          Convenient class for name-match method pointcuts that hold an Interceptor, making them an Advisor.
 class Perl5RegexpMethodPointcut
          Perl5 regular expression pointcut bean.
 class RegexpMethodPointcut
          Deprecated. use Perl5RegexpMethodPointcut instead
 class StaticMethodMatcherPointcut
          Convenient superclass when we want to force subclasses to implement the MethodMatcher interface, but subclasses will want to be pointcuts.
 class StaticMethodMatcherPointcutAdvisor
          Convenient superclass for Advisors that are also static pointcuts.

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Subclasses of StaticMethodMatcher in org.springframework.transaction.interceptor
 class TransactionAttributeSourceAdvisor
          Advisor driven by a TransactionAttributeSource, used to exclude a TransactionInterceptor from methods that are non-transactional.

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