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Packages that use AbstractBeanDefinition Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package.  

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Subclasses of AbstractBeanDefinition in
 class ChildBeanDefinition
          Bean definition for beans who inherit settings from their parent.
 class RootBeanDefinition
          Root bean definitions are the most common type of bean definition.

Methods in that return AbstractBeanDefinition
static AbstractBeanDefinition BeanDefinitionReaderUtils.createBeanDefinition(String className, String parent, ConstructorArgumentValues cargs, MutablePropertyValues pvs, ClassLoader classLoader)
          Create a new RootBeanDefinition or ChildBeanDefinition for the given class name, parent, constructor arguments, and property values.

Methods in with parameters of type AbstractBeanDefinition
 void AbstractBeanDefinition.overrideFrom(AbstractBeanDefinition other)
          Override settings in this bean definition from the given bean definition.
static String BeanDefinitionReaderUtils.generateBeanName(AbstractBeanDefinition beanDefinition, BeanDefinitionRegistry beanFactory)
          Generate a bean name for the given bean definition, unique within the given bean factory.

Constructors in with parameters of type AbstractBeanDefinition
AbstractBeanDefinition(AbstractBeanDefinition original)
          Create a new AbstractBeanDefinition as deep copy of the given bean definition.

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