Interface ResultReader

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MappingSqlQueryWithParameters.ResultReaderImpl, RowMapperResultReader, UpdatableSqlQuery.ResultReaderImpl

public interface ResultReader
extends RowCallbackHandler

Extension of RowCallbackHandler interface that saves the accumulated results as a List.

Allows to make a results list available in a uniform manner. JdbcTemplate's query methods will return the results list in that case, else returning null (-> result state is solely available from RowCallbackHandler object).

A convenient out-of-the-box implementation of ResultReader is the RowMapperResultReader adapter which delegates row mapping to a RowMapper. Note that a RowMapper object is typically stateless and thus reusable; just the RowMapperResultReader adapter is stateful.

Rod Johnson
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Method Summary
 List getResults()
          Return all results, disconnected from the JDBC ResultSet.
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public List getResults()
Return all results, disconnected from the JDBC ResultSet. Never returns null; returns the empty collection if there were no results.

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