Class BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping

          extended byorg.springframework.web.servlet.handler.AbstractHandlerMapping
              extended byorg.springframework.web.servlet.handler.AbstractUrlHandlerMapping
                  extended byorg.springframework.web.servlet.handler.BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping
All Implemented Interfaces:
ApplicationContextAware, HandlerMapping, Ordered

public class BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping
extends AbstractUrlHandlerMapping

Implementation of the HandlerMapping interface to map from URLs to beans with names that start with a slash ("/"), similar to how Struts maps URLs to action names. This is the default implementation used by the DispatcherServlet, but somewhat naive. A SimpleUrlHandlerMapping or a custom handler mapping should be used by preference.

The mapping is from URL to bean name. Thus an incoming URL "/foo" would map to a handler named "/foo", or to "/foo /foo2" in case of multiple mappings to a single handler. Note: In XML definitions, you'll need to use an alias name="/foo" in the bean definition, as the XML id may not contain slashes.

Supports direct matches (given "/test" -> registered "/test") and "*" matches (given "/test" -> registered "/t*"). Note that the default is to map within the current servlet mapping if applicable; see alwaysUseFullPath property for details.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
AbstractUrlHandlerMapping.setAlwaysUseFullPath(boolean), SimpleUrlHandlerMapping

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  String[] checkForUrl(String beanName)
          Check name and aliases of the given bean for URLs, detected by starting with "/".
 void initApplicationContext()
          Subclasses can override this for custom initialization behavior.
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Constructor Detail


public BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping()
Method Detail


public void initApplicationContext()
                            throws ApplicationContextException
Description copied from class: ApplicationObjectSupport
Subclasses can override this for custom initialization behavior. Gets called by setApplicationContext after setting the context instance.

Note: Does not get called on reinitialization of the context but rather just on first initialization of this object's context reference.

initApplicationContext in class ApplicationObjectSupport
ApplicationContextException - in case of initialization errors
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protected String[] checkForUrl(String beanName)
Check name and aliases of the given bean for URLs, detected by starting with "/".

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