Package org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc

Standard controller implementations for the MVC framework that comes with Spring.


Interface Summary
Controller Base Controller interface, representing a component that receives HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse like a HttpServlet but is able to participate in an MVC workflow.
LastModified Supports last-modified HTTP requests to facilitate content caching.

Class Summary
AbstractCommandController Abstract base class for custom command controllers.
AbstractController Convenient superclass for controller implementations, using the Template Method design pattern.
AbstractFormController Form controller that autopopulates a form bean from the request.
AbstractWizardFormController Form controller for typical wizard-style workflows.
BaseCommandController Controller implementation which creates an object (the command object) on receipt of a request and attempts to populate this object with request parameters.
ParameterizableViewController Trivial controller that always returns a named view.
ServletForwardingController Spring Controller implementation that forwards to a named servlet, i.e. the "servlet-name" in web.xml rather than a URL path mapping.
ServletWrappingController Spring Controller implementation that wraps a servlet instance which it manages internally.
SimpleControllerHandlerAdapter Adapter to use the Controller workflow interface with the generic DispatcherServlet.
SimpleFormController Concrete FormController implementation that provides configurable form and success views, and an onSubmit chain for convenient overriding.
UrlFilenameViewController Controller that transforms the virtual filename at the end of a URL to a view name.
WebContentInterceptor Interceptor that checks and prepares request and response.

Package org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc Description

Standard controller implementations for the MVC framework that comes with Spring. Provides both abstract base classes and concrete implementations for often seen use cases.

A Controller - as defined in this package - is analogous to a Struts Action. Usually Controllers are JavaBeans to allow easy configuration using the org.springframework.beans package. Controllers define the C from so-called MVC paradigm and can be used in conjunction with the ModelAndView to achieve interactive applications. The view might be represented by a HTML interface, but, because of model and the controller being completely independent of the view, PDF views are possible, as well as for instance Excel views.

How to actually set up a (web)application using the MVC framework Spring provides is explained in more detail in the MVC-Step-by-Step tutorial, also provided in this package (or have a look here for an online version). The classes contained by this package explain in more detail the actual workflow of some of the abstract and concrete controller and how to extend and fully use their functionality.

Especially useful to read, while getting into the Spring MVC framework are the following:

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